Lweis, AnthonyAll Star East 2010

Anthony Lewis
5’11″ 195
High School Coach: Kent Sikora
High School, Class: Gibraltar Carlson, A
College: Victor Valley, Victorville, California

In his senior year Anthony had over 1100 rushing yards with 7.3 yards per carry and 12 TD’s. He received the award for All Downriver and earned a scholarship to Victor Valley College in southern California. Anthony said, “Playing football has taught me the meaning of sportsmanship, team work, self control, and self discipline, all in a positive atmosphere. I also met a lot of inspirational people who have become some of my very best friends today.”

He thanked “God for making all of this possible for me.” He also thanked, “my family, who have always been supportive. Without them I would have never made it this far. I love them and I will continue to he there for them, like they are for me.”