2005 All Star West


Adam Taylor

Defensive Line

6’4″ 282 lbs.

High School Coach: Dave Warmack

High School: Paw Paw, B

College: Ferris State University


Adam started his football career in the 8th grade. “It took a lot of convincing from my family because I never wanted to play and hated the sport. Because of my size I was an immediate two-way starter.” In his freshman year he started to enjoy playing defensive tackle. During that year he made the most tackles on his team, 314. In his sophomore year he was moved up in order to play in Paw Paw’s first ever playoff game. In Adam’s junior and senior years he was among the top five in team tackles which helped led to two All Conference Defensive Tackle titles. In his senior year Adam was a team captain and Paw Paw won the district championship game for the first time ever. “I was really proud of my team as well as myself because I was a two-­way starter for all the games.”  As a senior Adam received the Outstanding Lineman Award. “High school was a great experience for me and I’m going to miss it very much.”



Adam threw the discus and shot in track. He spent his off-season weightlifting, fishing, hunting, camping, and spending time with friends and family. Adam will attend Ferris State University on a football scholarship.


Adam thanked his family, “they were always there at all my games to cheer and root for me while I played. Mom, thanks for all the food you have bought to feed me. I know it isn’t cheap. I also thank my dad. You were at every game videotaping every down just so I could watch the film and better myself for it, and for that I can not thank you enough. I also thank my football team as well as my head coach Dave Warmack, and coach Schultz for always being there to give me a hard time and push me to be better.”


As for his teammates, “Guys what else can I say but thank you. There is no way for me to ever show you guys how much this has meant to me. I just want to send you guys a special thanks for all the great years we have had. It’s been