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Why is Football Special?

Watch this video from South Lyon Football: "Why is Football Special?", at

From a coach's point of view, the video addresses a number of things that are positive about the HS FB experience.

Coaches - Send us "testimonials" from your players, current or past, point of view, recording their answer to the question "Why is Football Special?" Record (video) one (or more) of your players talking about how they've benefited by playing HS FB. Send the recording to us. We'll get their permission to use the clip on our website ( and our Facebook page) and to distribute to traditional media. We're looking for material that parents of pre-high school kids can use to help them make the decision about their kids playing the game. Send your clips along with the names and contact info for the players recorded to MHSFCA President Brad Bush, , and to Larry Merx,


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