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MHSAA - Rule Clarification Regarding Out of Season Practice

February 6, 2017 02:47 PM

Football Coaches:


This is to clarify that during the school year, if a school coach is providing coaching during a non-school 7 on 7, there shall be no more than four students grades 7-12 of that coachs school district involved in any way at that event. It is not within the rules, for example, to have 7 or more players present but only four on the field at the same time.  School year rules are different than summer rules where 7 on 7 events are allowed with any number of players on the sidelines and coaches on up to seven dates.


Seven on Seven events during the school year, no matter where they are held, are not considered an “open gym rotation.” In an open gym rotation a coach can provide coaching to one four player group and other students can rotate between the weight room, non-sport specific conditioning and “open gym rotations.” Open gym rotations are open to any student, recreational, student conducted; students choose from offered activities.  No coaching.  They are not an organized program of instruction or drills.  No captains or parent practices. Players may select from sport specific equipment such as, running and throwing pass patterns, pick-up tag football games, etc.  This is all recreational voluntary activity without any coaching.


Thank you for the respect for the rules so many of you demonstrate to your students and others every day.  Contact us if we can assist.



Nate Hampton

Asssitant  Director


1661 Ramblewood Dr.

East Lansing, MI  48823



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