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Staff Membership Registration

MHSFCA - Membership

Who can be signed up for staff registration - Any full-time, part-time, or volunteer coach, from your varsity down to your middle/junior high school program.  This also includes your certified athletic trainer, strength coach (if he's not already on your staff), and Athletic Director.   Do not include your local youth coaches, or student trainers or managers.  

Payment:  Payment is based on your school's class set by the MHSAA.

Class A - Pay for 9 coaches ($270.00)
Class B - Pay for 7 coaches ($210.00)
Class C - Pay for 5 coaches ($150.00)
Class D - Pay for 3 coaches   ($90.00)

If you have coaches that are current members of the association, you could recieve credit to apply to your overall fee.  You need to contact Steve Wilson at to get this information.

You have 2 options for payment, check or credit card.

Contact Steve Wilson at if you have any questions or concerns.



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