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“Winners Circle” clinics going virtual in 2021 


LANSING – The MIchigan High School Football Coaches Association Winners Circle Clinic is going virtual. 

Registration is scheduled to begin soon for the event, to be held January 14-16, 2021.  

“We are excited to offer this virtual clinic in 2021,” said MHSFCA Director Scott Farley. “While we will miss getting together with all of the coaches and the camaraderie that comes with that, going virtual allows us to still put on our clinic and reach out to football coaches across the state.” 

The coaches are planning to have live and recorded clinics with the format and times just like the past clinics have been in-person. 

“Coaches from every level should be sure to join this clinic as it will feature some very talented presenters from around the nation, including both college and high school speakers,” said Jerry Rabideau, the clinic chairman for the MHSFCA. “By registering, it will also allow coaches to remain in good standing as a member of our association and its benefits. 

“Our clinic will follow the same structure virtually as if we were in Lansing for three days in January. However, in this case, coaches can simply register or log in and sit with their staff members from the confines of their homes.  It is my hope that staffs still get together and bond as if they were in Lansing.” 

Registration rates for staff and individuals will be available to MHSFCA members. Vendors are being lined up now for advertisements and inclusion in the clinics. Membership and insurance will be included in the registration price. 

“There’s never been a better time to become a member of the coaches association,” Farley said. “We have a lot to offer head coaches and assistant coaches from all corners of the state.” 

When the global pandemic closed schools and made workouts impossible, the MHSFCA hosted a series of highly successful virtual clinics through its Web site. 

"We found that doing presentations virtually during early Covid was a success that we could easily move forward with our annual clinic in the same fashion,” said Rabideau. “Our January virtual clinic will host six speakers at a time and go on for three days so coaches better prepare to be bombarded with a full weekend of football.” 

More information on the clinics and registration will be coming soon, so visit regularly.


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