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Staff Membership Registation Form

Who can be signed up for staff registration - Any full-time, part-time, or volunteer coach, from your varsity down to your middle/junior high school program.  This also includes your certified athletic trainer, strength coach (if he's not already on your staff), and Athletic Director.   Do not include your local youth coaches, or student trainers or managers.  

Note: If you are in a Co-Head Coach position - One (and only one) of you has to be listed as the Head Coach and the other as Co-Head Coach. 

For each coach you are registering, enter first and last name, email Address, and coaching position.

Coaching Positions - Enter one of the following for each coach: Head Varsity Coach, Co-Head Varsity Coach, Assistant Varsity Coach, Head JV Coach, Assistant JV Coach, Head Freshmen Coach, Assistant Freshman Coach, Middle/Junior High Head Coach, Middle/Junior High Assistant Coach, Strength Coach, Certified Athletic Trainer, Athletic Director.

List all coaches on your staff (even those who attended the clinic). 

Payment:  Once you submit your form, you will be contacted with the amount that you owe. You will be given a $30.00 credit for each coach on your staff that is a current member.

Class A - $270.00
Class B - $210.00
Class C - $150.00
Class D - $90.00 

Contact Steve Wilson if you have any questions or concerns.

First Name Last Name Email Coaching Position
Coach 1:
Coach 2:
Coach 3:
Coach 4:
Coach 5:
Coach 6:
Coach 7:
Coach 8:
Coach 9:
Coach 10:
Coach 11:
Coach 12:
Coach 13:
Coach 14:
Coach 15:
Coach 16:
Coach 17:
Coach 18:
Coach 19:
Coach 20:
Coach 21:
Coach 22:
Coach 23:
Coach 24:
Coach 25:
Coach 26:
Coach 27:
Coach 28:
Coach 29:
Coach 30:
Payment - Indicate your payment option below.

If paying by check (make payable to MHSFCA) and send to:
Steve Wilson
3010 Elm St.
Fruitport, MI 49415

If paying by credit card.  Fill in all fields.

Click Submit 

You will receive a confirmation email when your form is processed.


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