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2019 Clinic Registration by Check

2019 Clinic Registration Form

Individual Registration - If you are registering more than yourself for the clinic, enter names of additional coaches below.  With individual registration, each coach will have his own membership to the association.  This membership will cover each coach, even if he leaves your staff.

Individual Clinic Registration: $90.00 each
Name: Email: Coaching Position:
Coach 2:
Coach 3:
Coach 4:
Coach 5:


Staff Registration
- Enter the informaton for every coach on your staff that is attending the clinic.  This includes paid and volunteer coaches from you varsity down to your middle/junior school levels.  Include any certified athletic trainer, and your athletic director.  Staff registration will membership for each of your coaches as long as they are on your staff.  If they leave your staff, their membership will not follow them.  It is the responsiblity of the head coach to keep this staff listed with the assication updated.

For Clinic or Member column - If the coach is attending the clinic, enter "clinic".  If the coach is not attending the clinic, enter "member".  You can change the status of your coaches at any time by contacting Steve Wilson at

Staff Clinic Registration:
  • Class A: 9 or more coaches - Total Cost of $630.00
  • Class B: 7 or more coaches - Total Cost of $540.00
  • Class C: 5 or more coaches - Total Cost of $450.00
  • Class D: 3 or more coaches - Total Cost of $270.00
First & Last Name Email Coaching Position Clinic or Member
Coach 2:
Coach 3:
Coach 4:
Coach 5:
Coach 6:
Coach 7:
Coach 8:
Coach 9:
Coach 10:
Coach 11:
Coach 12:
Coach 13:
Coach 14:
Coach 15:
Coach 16:
Coach 17:
Coach 18:
Coach 19:
Coach 20:
Coach 21:
Coach 22:
Coach 23:
Coach 24:
Coach 25:

Payment Amount

Individual Registration - Counting yourself, enter the number of coaches you are registering under Number.

Staff Registration - Enter 1 next to your school class size under Number

Item Number Cost Total
Individual Clinic Registration
Class A Staff Registration
Class B Staff Registration
Class C Staff Registration
Class D Staff Registation
Total Payment:

Payment by Check

Make check out to MHSFCA and send to:

MHSFCA Clinic Registration
Steve Wilson
3010 Elm St.
Fruitport, MI 49415

Please process and send you payment imediately.  Your check must be post-marked by January 4th, or your registration will be marked as invaid, and you will have to re-register at the clinic at full price.

Contact Steve Wilson at with any questions or concerns.


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