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Duties of Regional Directors

Duties of Regional Directors

I. The Board of Directors shalt be responsible for the management of the affairs, funds and property of the association.

II. Promote membership in his region:

A. Secure total membership count for region from the membership Chair at the Spring Meeting, along with the delinquent members’ cards.

B. Mail letters to delinquent members urging re-enrollment.

III. Represent the interests of the Association and his region at all  Association Meetings in the: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

A. At the Spring Meeting, assume the duties relating to the committee assignment(s) made by the President. Be prepared to do whatever is necessary to make the Hall of Fame Banquet a success.

B. At the Summer Meetings, continue committee work and bring names of honorary membership for nomination. Be available to help with whatever needs to be done to make the M.H.S.F.C.A. All-Star Game and/or the Leadership Conference successful.

C. At the Fall meeting, come prepared with Coach of the Year responsibilities completed.

1. Write a letter of congratulations to any coach from your region receiving a Regional Coach of the Year award.

2. Make sure each honored coach is in attendance at the January clinic for his presentation.

D. Prior to the January meeting, if running for re-election, be sure your name has been properly placed on the ballot. If not seeking re-election, encourage at least two coaches from your region to write to the Executive Director, to have their names placed on the ballot.

E. At the Winter Meeting, come prepared to assume at least one Clinic responsibility. Bring a gift for a door prize.

IV. Serve as an active member of whatever committee you were appointed to by the President.

V. Report to your region all urgent business transacted or discussed as soon as possible. Keep a record of all expenses incurred in such cases of necessary communication and submit to the Executive Director for reimbursement.

VI. Be ethical in all your football relationships so as to be a model to the coaches in your region.


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